Our Congregation

The congregation is named Kehilat Tikva Tova (Good Hope) The services are religiously correct, and traditional. The only difference is that no Jews are "second-class Jewish citizens" based on their gender. So for example, when one is called up to the Torah at an Egalitarian shul, one's name is given, and both parents, the father and the mother, are referred to. That replaces the old system of a person's Hebrew name linking into their father's name only. We each have, after all, two parents, one female, one male. Each Jewish person over the age of bar or bat mitzvah is counted towards the minyan. We are all of equal value in the congregation.

In ritual and liturgical matters, Tikva Tova follows the orthodox normative practice, except that no distinction is made in status or participation between women and men. Non-Jewish family members or friends are welcome at the services. However, they are not permitted to perform ritual functions in the services.

The AGM of Tikva Tova takes place on 24 June at 5.00pm at 16 Clifford Avenue, Highlands Estate.